Try and survive five minutes against the spider attacks! Earn Dosh, spend it on troops or save it for upgrades between play-throughs.

Arrow keys = scroll map
Mouse Wheel = zoom in and out
Mouse to select and move
S to stop select dudes movement

Game made by Jason Magee using Godot. Font by Damien Guard.


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There should probably be an upper limit on troops, because they start slowing down the game a lot rather quickly (and spamming them after maxing out the upgrades seems to be the way to go for winning). It also freezes for some reason when trying to exit from the pause menu.

Fun concept, though. Wasn't expecting the RTS mechanics when finding this in the Tower Defense tag and they worked well. I don't think the map needs to be bigger than what's on the screen - I actually didn't know it was bigger until I read the description after completing the game (the rest is very intuitive, evidently!).

EDIT: Alternatively, maybe the troop cost could scale depending on how many there are, just like the upgrades get more expensive. I ended up with a lot of "dosh" in my playthrough, to the point where it became irrelevant and I could just spam-click the troop button.


Cheers, I'll check those issues out. I like the scaling idea. Thanks for your feedback!

It's a "demo" more than anything, I kind of lost interest in it part way through. If I ever completed it you'd have things like rocket troops, flame throwers, etc. along with some kind of structure to generate money. Also the money you upgrade with probably needs to be split from the in-game money.